Diamond Grinding

  • Floor levelling
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Paint removal
  • Adhesive & plaster removal
  • Floor preparation

Using our Diamond Grinding machines we are able to prepare most floors in anticipation of their new coatings to be applied, such as our Concrete Floor Painting system here at Protecta Coatings.

With its rapidly rotating diamond segments our grinders effortlessly remove old adhesives, plaster and the like from your floor. Levelling of your floor from the raised imperfections which would have otherwise stood out once the carpet or Lino had been laid can also be taken care of using our grinders.

We also offer a crack injection and repair service for concrete floors. Once repaired with Epoxy Resin we are able to grind the surface to match the existing floor level. This system is used as preparation for our floor painting system.

Concrete dust is a thing of the past as during the grinding operation we have a full industrial extraction system operating to rid 90% of the dust from the work site.

Diamond Grinding - Before & After

Diamond Grinding